Saturday, May 8, 2010

What's the big idea?

I have often asked myself, why do we exist? What is the purpose? IS there a purpose? Not just humans, no, life at all…why does it exist? Is there something we don’t know? Or is it something we know but choose not to acknowledge?

I may say…I will try to answer this question…but is there a reason why I should answer the question? Many people deplore base actions, and people who choose to be content in just living their lives having a home, eating food, procreating are criticised by others when the others want them to stand up and do something. Is that “something” the purpose? Is it not just something the second person believes in.


We love and we hate we have emotions but why? Do emotions solve a purpose? some people say “ jasbaat ke jhaanse mein mat aao, apna kaam karo” but in not recognising our emotions are we not again reducing ourselves to the very same bare subsistence which those very same people seem to deplore? So are emotions existent only as hindrances or are they the purpose?


People around the world have attributed these answers to be mysteries and attributed creation of life to God, but I wish to ask, why did god do it then? Why did he create life? Was it so he could reign over something, is he/she then so base in his own motives so selfish so self obsessed? But the people who believe in him/her say he’s not then once again why? And why should the universe in which God is exist?


I’m told these are questions, the answer to which would serve us no purpose…but then what will? Working our asses off so we may earn so we may compete so we grow up to have families raise children who’ll do the same? Is it not possible the recognition of the reply to these questions would in fact serve us a purpose, that of giving us a purpose?


It is funny but its easiest to find purpose in that which is labelled as socially destructive phenomenon, for example smoking or doing drugs they serve the purpose of taking the man or woman as the case may be away from a reality that does not suit him/her helping them find clarity in understanding their issues. Violent revolutions too, have a purpose they serve to vent the peoples anger, frustration at the inability to set things right where there is most blatantly a wrong. It is a sick kind of hopelessness, which one cannot understand till one is confronted with it but I hope no one ever is.


Love may be seen to serve either of two purposes one is the justification offered by the base subsistence theory and the other the one offered by the emotional theory. As per the base subsistence theory love is nothing more but a series of chemical reactions set off in the body when a suitable “mate” is found with whom one may procreate. The other is the theory of emotions where love may be looked upon as a sanity keeping device in a world of insanity, its rare but when you do meet that one person everything feels perfect everything falls in place you feel a new person, but the lop side is you become dependant to the extent you cannot exist without the other.


But the question still remains…


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